Illinois’ Favorite French Fry is The Most Confusing Type of Fry
Is there anything better than a hot and fresh french fry? No. The answer is no.
One of the best parts of fries, or I guess just potatoes in general - the possibilities are ENDLESS. There's SO many different types of fries. And I'm so grateful for every single one of them...
Are You a Fan of Illinois’ Favorite TV Show?
I think I watched more TV in 2020 than I have in my whole life. From scripted series, documentaries, and reality TV, I truly watched it all. But on top of watching everything new that came out, I also found myself going back to binge my comfort shows...
An Easter Favorite [Video]
One of my Easter Favorites is seeing the Cadbury Bunny Tryout commerical.
Did you know this commercial was made in1994? Wow! It's 20 years old this Easter season!Talk about longevity and the forward thinking of the creative design team in making this...

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