It looks like predators have found a new way to trick women into getting out of their cars in the dark, and a 19-year woman from Flint, Michigan is warning women everywhere to beware.

Ashley Hardacre was leaving her job at a Michigan mall at night when she noticed a blue flannel tucked under the wipers on her windshield. Instead of getting out and removing it, she remembered a warning from her mother, and drove off instead. Good girl, Ashley!


According to CBS News, Flint Township Police Detective Sergeant Brad Wangler contacted Ashley Hardacre after seeing her post on Facebook, and his department is currently working with mall security to check surveillance footage to find out who left the shirt on Hardacre's windshield. Sergeant Wangler also told CBS that no other incidences like this have been reported in the Flint area, but urges women to call their local authorities immediately if they experience something similar.

For us Rockford ladies, let's share this warning with every woman we know, just to be safe.


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