A group of Rockford women are wearing their favorite little black dress for 5 days straight this week, all for one very important reason.

No, they are not protesting doing laundry, but feminine hygiene issues are the center of the Junior League Of Rockford's "Little Black Dress Initiative".

So, what's this initiative all about? Here's the explanation from the Junior League of Rockford's website;

the Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is a global initiative started by the Junior League of London to raise awareness of the impact of generational poverty. Advocates wear one black dress (or outfit) for five consecutive days to illustrate the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, her confidence and professional opportunities.

Along with raising awareness on how poverty effects a women's ability to buy necessary hygiene products, the Junior League of Rockford is supporting the Pink Library, which is a program that provides free feminine hygiene products to women who need them.

If you would like more information on the Little Black Dress Initiative, and some startling statistics that prove why this movement is so important, please check out the Junior League of Rockford's Facebook page.

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