What is going on? It's only February and flu season isn't even done and the first allergy report alert of 2017 has been issued for Illinois and things are not looking good.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, get ready for a bad spring, and yes, you can thank the unusual warm weather we have experienced. .

Dr. Joseph Leija from Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park has a warning for anyone prone to allergies. Leija says:

It’s going to be a bad season that’s for sure. It’s getting higher and higher. The mold and tree pollen for people with allergies, they’re suffering right now. Many people are complaining about my nose, my eyes, everything, because the pollinating of the trees has been tremendous due to the weather being warm

People with allergies will be suffering "more and more and more."

You might be inclined to open the windows to let all the nice weather into your home...Don't! Leija and he warns allergy sufferers:

It’s very essential to have the windows closed. Air condition as soon and as much as possible. What we do know is the weather is not too bad and we open the windows. That’s the worst thing we can do. The air, the pollen comes into the house and then the person with allergies sneezes and has runny nose, stuffy nose.

Issuing an allergy report in late February is very rare.


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