If your allergies have blown up this spring and it feels like you prescriptions aren't helping, you're not alone.

Illinois' allergy season is worse this year.

ABC7 shares that after our long winter and the sudden rush of warm weather many are complaining of terrible allergies, myself included.

According to "Dr. Joseph Leija, one of Chicago's best known allergists" says "they're bad this year."

Dr. Leiia went on to explain that the growth of grasses are late this year so compile that on top of the pollen season, then toss in the weed and ragweed season and yes, it's a big problem.

He went on to further say that the pollen from flowering trees and bushes, are much higher this year and this will last at least 3 if not 4 weeks.

So yeah, anyone suffering from allergies is going to be feeling lousy. Worse than you normally do at this time of year.

So what can we do in the mean time to help ease the symptoms or at least survive the season?

It's been advised to "close your bedroom windows and crank up the air conditioning." Also to take "take over-the-counter medication proactively and preventatively" and to check with your doctor about your symptoms. There may be other options such as immunotherapy or different medications to help you through.

Gee... Thanks a lot for fighting Old Man Winter and Mother Nature, now we're all suffering because of you.




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