The warmer weather we've seen in the Stateline this week sure has been nice, but it also means we get to say hello to our archenemy, Mr. Pollen even earlier this year. 

Doctors from Brookside Specialty Center recently told WREX news that the longer the weather stays warm, the longer the allergy season will last in Rockford.

As most sufferers know, allergies affect us most in the morning, and then again late in the evening when the pollen begins to settle. The Brookside Specialty Center doctors suggest trying home remedies before turning to over-the-counter allergy medications.

According to WREX and Dr. Fatima Mohiuddin with Brookside Specialty Center, saltwater nasal sprays are the most common and effective home remedy available. Dr. Mohiuddin does say distilled water must be used when making a saltwater solution at home, because tap water usually contains bacteria and parasites.

Even if I can't breathe or see through my constant eye-watering these days, I am still lovin' this warm weather, and I hope it's here to stay!




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