Farmer's markets are a big in Chicago, but many farmer's are complaining there are too many.

Will Rockford become over saturated with them as well?

DNAInfo Chicago stated that many farmer's are complaining that there are just too many markets for them to be involved in and they're being spread thin. They can't make the same amount of money that they did when the originally started at just a few market's now they have to go to a bunch of them just to break even.

In order for these farmer's to make their time and effort worthwhile they need to see at least a 1,000 people on a consistent bases for the specific market days. However, in Chicago many of the neighborhood markets are only seeing about 300 to 400 people coming on those days.

Wow! That's not good. That's a big drop in attendance.

Instead of having concentrated areas the markets have been spread out that now the larger markets no longer draw the bigger crowds because they can shop at smaller markets closer to where they live.

On one side I can see as a consumer that's easier, but I can also see why it's hurting the vendors. because they don't bring in as much revenue, and they don't have enough man power to to cover all of the smaller markets.

Currently  there are 8 farmers markets in and around Rockford. Including Rockford City Market, the North End City Market, GPS Faith Community Church Market, Edgebrook's Farmers Market, HCC Realty, Pecatonica and Winnebago Farmer's Market and the Rockton River Market. To read about each market click here.

That number is much smaller obviously than the issue with Chicago,  but do you think we'll see a day that more markets will pop up? Will the novelty will wear off? Will the attendance drop?

What do you think? Will there be enough to go around?

I hope so, I'd hate for them to become old hat.

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