Creepy doll heads are popping up all over buildings and poles in Chicago for the second year in a row, and no one seems to know the real reason why.

Is it a Halloween prank?

Do the pink faces represent a bigger purpose?

Is it art?

Chicagoans seem to have mixed feelings about these tiny, pink faces glued to structures all over the city. Some appreciate them for their uniqueness and for adding some extra quirk, some are just wondering what's the point of them, and others are just a tad creeped out.

You can add me to the "creeped out" team, how's about you?


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One of the reasons I Love Love Love living in #Chicago ~ Finding #RandomArt everywhere < #PinkBabyDollFaces

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Chicago isn't the only city to be visited by these Pepto Bismol faces, they've been spotted in California, Denver, Manhattan, and several other major cities for years now, but the question still remains: WHY? This is the closest answer that I have found in my #pinkdollheads search on Instagram...

Does knowing these doll heads may be representing suffering in children in Syria make me a little less freaked out by their existence? Nope. Sorry.

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