Is this traffic light ever going to change?

I'm still kind of new to the city but it seems when it comes to traffic lights where they're just slow as molasses when it comes to changing. Not just one, but with most of the lights in town, it seems to be the same. I timed one light at Alpine and State, it was almost four minutes before it changed. Maybe it's a smaller town thing? We all have places to go and things to do. There's nothing like sitting at a light with no cross traffic coming and just having to wait for an extended period of time.

Why does it bother most of us? Well, the world's a busy place and I guess some have a shorter fuse when it comes to waiting. What I will say is that at least we have turn arrows at most of the busy intersections. Without that the wait would just be longer. For instance, most of the super busy intersections in Memphis do not have a turn arrow, But I guess that's okay because most people there don't even use turn signals. Sometimes there's good reason to wait I guess but no one is interested in that. I wrote this whole blog sitting at a stoplight so there's some food for thought. Just kidding.

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