I like Ken Rosenthal, but I do not believe everything I'm reading in that tweet. 

According to Ken's "sources" the game wasn't postponed because of multiple Cardinals (13 as of the writing of this blog to be exact) testing positive for the coronavirus.

It's interesting that just 5 days ago, Major League Baseball was tweeting things like this:

Then after a few reports like this:

...the game in Iowa gets banged. The White Sox players are actually probably relieved as it would have been kind of a pain to travel to the middle of Iowa during the pandemic but it's still a bummer that the game won't be played this year.

Some reports say that the game will be moved to next year but we'll have to wait and see.

The next game the Cardinals are actually scheduled to play is this Friday against the Cubs in St. Louis. Will the Cardinals have tamped down their outbreak by then? Stay tuned.


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