People in Illinois love anything Field of Dreams related. Is it because of baseball? Is it a nostalgia thing? Is it because of Kevin Costner? It could be related to all of those answers. It seems like Illinois might have more of an appreciation for the movie and the actual field than Iowa, where the actual field is located and the setting for the film.

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In August 2021, the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees played a game on the actual property where Field of Dreams was filmed. Everything about the game was spectacular, from the television presentation to the ending of the game, Major League Baseball and its fans couldn't have loved it any more. As you can guess, tickets were extremely hard to come by.

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The next game at Field of Dreams is August 11, 2022, when the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds take the field. And, as if the limited number of seats didn't already make it hard to get tickets, it'll be even more of a challenge this time around. (There are only a few thousand seats at the make-shift field.)

If you're hoping to score tickets to the next game you'll need to sign up for this ticket lottery. Good luck though because if you don't have an Iowa address you are not eligible. If you're interested in a role as an extra or being a member of the crew for the upcoming Field of Dreams series on Peacock you don't need to be an Iowan.

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The series will be filmed in several locations in four areas in Iowa, as well as select locations on the east and west coast, according to WQAD. The production company is looking for women, children, and men. Filming is expected to happen in September and October. You can find more information here.

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