If you build it, they will come. But only if they live in Iowa.

Last year's Field Of Dreams game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees was an instant classic.

Baseball doesn't do much right when it comes to public relations but they knocked it out of the park (pun intended) when they brought a regular season MLB game in the middle of a corn field in Iowa to television sets all over the country.

The game went from great to legendary when Tim Anderson send one into the stalks for a walk-off win.

It was electric.

It was quite possibly a perfect evening of baseball. At least it was if you weren't a Yankees fan.

Cub fans were probably a little jealous that the Southsiders got first crack at this amazing baseball venue. Actually, as a Cub fan, I can say we were absolutely jealous. Then news came that the Cubs would be a participant in the 2022 edition of the Field of Dreams game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Tickets are already scarce for this game. The make-shift stadium only holds a few thousand.

So, it would be hard enough for Cub fans to get tickets but the MLB put in another hurdle for Illinois Cub fans to get to Iowa. The ticket lottery is only available to current residents of Iowa.

Residents of IOWA can register now for the opportunity to purchase tickets to "MLB at Field of Dreams" presented by GEICO... Registration will be open through Friday, July 23, and ONLY limited to fans with Iowa zip codes... If your zip code applies, you must create an mlb.com account to register & buy the tickets!

Cub fans, it's time to call your friends in Iowa and ask them for a favor.

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