It's a new Cubs season so let's go over some ground rules.

There aren't many unwritten rules at Wrigley but there are definitely 2 big ones.

1. Don't Try To Do The Wave

You do the wave when you are bored at a sporting event. You should never be bored at Wrigley. If you've lost interest in everything around you, just head out and go to The Cubby Bear, that's where the fake fans hang out.

And the second unwritten rule:

2. No Fighting In The Bleachers

This one was very well explained by a veteran bleacher bum a few years ago.

Drink until you can't see? Absolutely allowed. Insult an opposing player's mother? Par for the course. But don't fight in the bleachers. Bleacher fans aren't more civilized than other groups, but they're supposed to be way more relaxed.

The bleachers are a vibe. And fighting is definitely not part of that vibe.

Someone forgot to tell a group of "Cub" fans that attended Thursday night's game against the Pirates.

Not only was the brawl dumb and a black eye on Cub fans, but it resulted in the first ever "shoe" delay at Wrigley.

Big shout out to this hustler who got the one of the biggest ovations of the night.

When you sign up to be a grounds crew member for the Cubs you expect to clear out the occasional beach ball from the warning track but picking up someone's smelly size 12 probably wasn't on the list of your expectations.

There's a lot of season left for the Cubs and their fans, let's hope we all learned something from Thursday night and don't let it happen again.

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