The Cubs and Brewers were part of some wild off-the-field activity during Monday night's action.

The Crying Kid

Let's start with the Cubs. It was a great game, the Cubs lost 5-4 in 11 innings, capped by a thrilling walk off single by the Blue Jays.

The best Cubs highlight happened before the game when pitcher Marcus Stroman met a young fan in the stands, which made the boy cry tears of joy.

It all started with a Twitter exchange between the boy's mom and Stroman.

It was a really cool moment between a baseball star and a young fan. Something Major League Baseball should capitalize on but won't because they are the worst promoted league in America.

The Epic Friendzone

Now let's swing over to last night's Brewers game when a wave of embarrassment jolted through the crowd after this greeting was put up on the video board.

attachment-Untitled design (2)

If you've lived any sort of life, the odds are great that you have been placed in the friendzone before. It happens to men, women, children, I'm sure dogs even get friendzoned on occasion.

But you probably haven't been friendzoned in front of thousands of people.

Mark has.

The Brewers team even noticed in the dugout.

Look on the bright side Mark, you may have inspired the team to a win.

It's probably time to start looking elsewhere for a girlfriend, but you now have a pretty great story to tell on your first date.

The Public Sex

Now we swing back north of the border to the Blue Jays-Cubs matchup where a pair of young lovers were caught in the act during the 9th inning of the game.

I know baseball can be boring, but this was the ninth inning of a close game. Plus cameras are literally everywhere, did they think they would get away with it?

Just another night of baseball for the Cubs and the Brewers.

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