Ladies, if you drink wine I'm pretty sure you have a preference of either white or red.

Did you know you choice in wine has something to say about you?

According to Elite Daily, there are two types women. Those who drink red or white. Our preference between the color tells a lot about who we are as a person.

For instance if you are a red wine drinker you like:

- Dining by candlelight

- Watching NetFlix

- Reading romance novels

- You speak your mind

- You're a Romantic

- You're a Brunette

- You like guys with a little scruff

If you're a white wine drinker:

- Dining at sunset

- Watching catfights on HBO

- Reading magazines

- You're a great listener

- You're practical

- You're a blonde

- You like clean cut guys

Hmmm... interesting. Of these supposed wine traits, I have a bit of problem I see with this list. As a natural brunette I'm a combination of these traits. Ha!

Maybe there should be a category for blended wines like the blush wines, white zinfandels or the sweet reds. that way us combination gals can have a category.

Take a look at the list here. Do see any similarities? are you a combo gal too?