Wisconsin's oldest restaurant, Red Circle Inn & Bistro, was once owned by Fredrick Pabst of the Pabst Brewing Company, and it's still open today for your eating and drinking pleasure.

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It's no secret that I enjoy drinking beer, and the older I get, the more adventurous I am with making my beer choices. It's also no secret that I spend a lot of free time in Wisconsin and my family's cabin, so I'm all about finding new places to try, and new beers to drink, while we're up there.

Wisconsin's Oldest Restaurant Was Born From a Cup of Beer

When I came across This article on onlyinyourstate.com, my beer-loving brain was completely fascinated. It was about the oldest restaurant in Wisconsin called Red Circle Inn & Bistro, and the back story of how it started is pretty cool.  The article says;

The Red Circle Inn & Bistro has been around as long as Wisconsin has been a state and like so much in Wisconsin, its roots are connected to the beer industry.

Red Circle Inn and Bistro via Facebook
Red Circle Inn and Bistro via Facebook

The restaurant started as a stagecoach stop hotel in 1848, and in 1857 a railroad was built to stop just South of it. Fredrick Pabst of Pabst Brewery bought the property in 1889 and gave it the name of Red Circle Inn, which just so happens to be a nod to Pabst's famous red circle logo. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Fast forward 100 plus years and the Red Bistro Inn and Bistro is still delighting diners and drinkers from all over the country with their food choices, spirits, wine, and beer menus. (Check it out for yourself, here)

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the best part, Red Circle Inn and Bistro is located in Nashotah, Wisconsin, which is less than an hour and a half from Rockford. So, if you've got some downtime over the holidays and want to treat yourself to something special, you should take the drive to check it out!

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