From Facebook snooping to, wearing your lucky underwear, to Mary Tyler Moore, we covered it all this week. Let's have fun and see if you knew all of the answers.

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Q98.5 AFTERNOON MINDENDER QUESTIONS (week of 1/23/17 - 1/27/17)

Monday’s Question: 31% of people believe if you wear your lucky ______ to your job interview you will have a better chance of landing the job.

Answer: Underwear

Winner: Ryan from Durand

Tuesday’s Question: A new study found that NOT talking about this before bed will help you sleep better

Answer: Politics

Winner: Megan from Loves Park

Wednesday’s Question: Mary Tyler Moore passed away today. On the Mary Tyler Moore TV show that aired in the 1970's, at the end of every episode, you would see and hear an animal. name the animal.

Answer: A kitten

Winner: Denise from Chana

Thursday’s Question: 1 in 4 people snooped on a family member or their friend’s Facebook account. For those that did, what is the first thing they snooped through?

Answer: Their personal private messages

Winner: Megan from Roscoe

Friday’s Question: Perceptions! Smart vs Dumb. Crooked vs Straight. 38% of people perceive people with straight _____ as smart.

Answer: Teeth

Winner: Courtney from Belvidere

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