Summer is almost over and that means it's time for corn on the cob... corn on ALL the cobs out here in the Stateline area. Who sells the best sweet corn?

I like corn on the cob just as much as the next guy, at least I thought I did, until I moved to Rockford.

You see, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs in the 1990s. We drank diet pop and ate bagels. We weren't really part of the farming community, but we also didn't really have a surplus of delicious farming community options like we do out here.

Also I think the 90s were just a weird time, now the world is a bit more focused on fresh and local foods and my goodness that was true when I asked on Facebook for the best sweet corn in the area.

Almost 100 answers! That's a lot of corn!

You can read the full list for, well, the full list, but here are some stand out comments.

Dorn's Corn, they have a stand at Winnebago Corner's.

Lower's outside of sweet it will give you a toothache

Shelby’s Sweet Corn Stand w Edwards Farm in Sycamore,Illinois

There are several by me. I typically go to Craig’s on Mulford Rd in Monroe Center, or Behmer’s if they are set up at Casey’s in Stillman Valley when I go through. Both are great.

Drake Farms south of Freeport on Rt 26

Drake Farms was mentioned a bunch of times, so was Rainwater's in Rochelle.

Do you have a favorite spot to grab corn on the cob?

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