Sweet Corn

Vote For The Best Sweet Corn
It's official, local sweet corn stands are popping up along city and rural roads throughout the Stateline, So we want to know, who grows and sells the best sweet corn in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin?
Finding The Best Sweet Corn
They are just starting to pop up, roadside sweet corn stands and I couldn't be happier! With all the rain we've gotten, this year looks like we'll have a bumper crop. So now, the big question: Where to get the best tasting locally grown sweet corn?
Can You Eat Sweet Corn Without Cooking It? [WATCH]
Recently Q98.5's very own food officiando, Mark Charvat, asked you to tell us who you think has the best sweet corn in the Stateline area, and you chose Twin Garden Farms in Harvard, Illinois as your favorite. Well, thanks to your votes, (and Mark's relentless begging) Twin Gardens st…