Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn is all the rage in Wisconsin but is it available in Illinois?

Sweet Corn Love

I love me some sweet corn in the summer, but if I'm being honest, they all taste pretty much the same to me. Sure, some sweet corn tastes better than others, but when I eat a "bad" ear, I usually blame it on the cooker (me), and not the actual corn.

Sweet Corn

Now that we've established that my sweet corn palette isn't well-defined, let me tell you that all changed when I was introduced to "Honey Dipped Sweet Corn"!

What is Honey Dipped Sweet Corn?

When we are up at our family's cabin in Wisconsin, we see signs like this all over the place...

What is this famous Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn? Do they dip the husks in honey? is the actual corn dipped in honey? How come I have never heard of or tried this sweet corn before?

The last time we were up North, we finally bought some Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn, and we asked the guy at the stand, what's so special about this corn? He basically told us; "it's a special corn hybrid, and once you taste it you won't want anything else".

Here's a more detailed description of what Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn, (sometimes called Honey Select Sweet Corn),  is from hosstools.com;

a triplesweet hybrid that contains the perfect combination of 75% sugary-enhanced and 25% supersweet kernels.


Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Can You Buy Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn in Illinois?

We know that Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn is available throughout Wisconsin, but what about Illinois? When I did a quick Google search of where to buy Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn in Illinois, I came up with nothing which makes me think two things;

  1. Illinois farms are in fact selling this honey corn hybrid and calling it something different.
  2. Illinois has truly not jumped on the Honey-Dipped Sweet Corn train yet and is really missing out.

Do you know of a farm or stand in Illinois selling this super sweet and delicious corn? PLEASE send us an app message and let us know where!

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