On Monday Winnebago County Animal Services issued a press release containing some of their 2019 highlights, and it all summed up to more animal lives saved which is a very good thing.

According to the press release;

In 2019, total intake at WCAS was 4,612 animals, just ten fewer animals that in 2018. Cat and dog intake actually increased with 117 more cats and 106 more dogs being cared for at the shelter last year. Shelter leadership had a goal of reducing the number of days an animal spends in the shelter on average and those efforts led to significant reductions in daily population as well as major increases in positive outcomes. WCAS reunited 763 pets with their families and saw a 34% increase in adoptions over 2018 with 2,110 adoptions in 2019.

My favorite part of WCAS' press release though, was this...

Despite WCAS taking in virtually the same number of animals in 2019 as in 2018, euthanasia plummeted 50.5% for cats and 37.4% for dogs and the department live release rate was 84% for cats and dogs – up from just 69% in 2018. “Hitting an arbitrary euthanasia number is not our goal. We work to eliminate unnecessary euthanasia and to reserve euthanasia decisions for cases of public safety and for cases when illness or injury make euthanasia the humane choice

More adoptions = More lives saved! YAY!


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