A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook yesterday, and I immediately got sick to stomach.

Provided photo
Provided photo

I nearly lost control of my bodily functions when I read his description of the incident surrounding this snake spotting.

Basically, he along with his wife and young son were walking on Stone Bridge Trail when they spotted a 3 foot snake on the trail ahead of them. Being a dutiful husband and father, he "politely escorted him off the trail and that’s when he started to strike the stick I was using".

Umm....WHAT?!? Wait, it gets better...

My friend says that as the snake was striking the stick he was using to remove it, he noticed the snake's tail was rattling, just like a rattlesnake's does.

NOPE. I'm done.

Do we have a case of a Roscoe Rattler here?!? Maybe not...

After posting the above picture and doing some research, my friend Matt told me he now thinks this is likely a Fox snake, which often mimics a rattler, but is not venomous. THANK THE SWEET BABY JESUS!!!!

What do you think?

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