You've heard of a man bun, but have you heard of a man bundt? The Man Bundt Bakery is a new spot in Roscoe Illinois and you can tell just by their name they're ready for some fun.

I'm always ready for a stop at a new bakery. In fact if you told me I could only eat desserts for the rest of my life I would be like, that is TOTALLY fine with me. Who needs sandwiches when you have cookies?

Cookies, by the way, is how I discovered this bakery on Facebook when they tagged another one of my favorite sweet places, Sugar Britches in a post.

On Halloween the Man Bundt Bakery had a pop-up inside Sugar Britches packed with pumpkin white chocolate cookies.

And not just any old cookies, they are vegan.

Oh they had chocolate chip too!

The more I come across vegan foods the more I think I could pick up that lifestyle for myself. The foodie world has come a long way and especially when companies like this were created during the early days of the pandemic (their Facebook page was established last summer), there are even more options for those who choose the Vegan lifestyle.

But it's not just cookies. Muffins, cakes and I'm going out on a limb here but I bet whatever you'd like to order from Man Bundt Bakery, they'll probably figure out a way to make it happen.

Bonus... did you know Oreos are vegan?? They are!

Man Bundt Bakery is in Roscoe, and the man behind the bakery is named Andy Skupien.

I asked him how he got started... here's what he said!

I grew up in a house where mom made you an awesome birthday cake every year. She also baked constantly. I'm actually the 5th generation in my family to do this. My great great grandparents owned a bakery in Sweden. My great grandmother worked there until she moved to the United States.

Then my grandmother & mother worked at the same bakery in Chicago for years. I spent years in the restaurant industry managing a number of restaurants in the area. I've always loved art. I've been a competitive snow sculptor for years. When I had kids I decided I should carry on the tradition and start making my kiddos awesome birthday cakes.

So for years I would make their cakes and people would tell me "you should really do that for a living." When the pandemic shut everything down I had a lot of time to think about it.

Last July I decided to launch a Facebook page with photos of my kids birthday cakes and hoped for the best. I had no idea if anyone would reach out but I had to give it a try. My youngest is severely allergic to peanuts so focusing on allergies only made sense. I had my dear friend Jim reach out and inquire about vegan baked goods. That kind of created a monster.

I came to realize that much like people with food allergies our local vegan community had very few places to get baked goods. So now the business focuses heavily on vegan treats (cakes, cookies, muffins, etc) I still do a ton of custom cakes for people but I'm always trying put new vegan items.


you can email them at, and find them on Facebook. 

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