With all the wonder support flowing into the community to help with the clean up and recovery from last week's tornado, the forest near Fairdale needs your help too.

Debris from the Fairdale tornado, a week ago Thrusday, has littered the nearby Hoffman Conservation Easement. The easement is over 80 acres and has all kinds of debris that was strewn about it's property as the tornado passed through on it's way toward Harvard.

Rick and Jane Hoffman have organized a clean up day this weekend. Originally set for Sunday, but due to possible rain, was moved to Saturday, April 18th. Volunteers are asked to sign in at the Conserve FS building, 5607 Rt. 72 Kirkland, to sign waivers and get updated Volunteer Information.

Registration and waiver forms can be found at www.villageofkirkland.com. Americorps has set up a Volunteer Hotline for questions about volunteering. You can reach them at 815-762-8653.

The Hoffman Conservation Easement one mile east of Fairdale on Rt 72. Look for a field driveway marked with Hoffman Realty Open House signs. Access is only from east of town.  When you get to Irene Rd. and Rt. 72, tell the police office that you are going to cleanup the Hoffmann Property (and will not be going in to Fairdale unless assigned duty.) Then look for a field driveway marked with Hoffman Realty Open House signs.

Volunteers are asked to bring work gloves and boots (waterproof would be best but not necessary). Any amount of time given is appreciated. Cleanup starts at 9:00 am. For any additional questions call 815-757-5354.