If you've been thinking of visiting the Field Museum, I would plan on doing it now rather than later.

Next year it's gonna cost you more to get in.


DNAInfo Chicago reports that the Field Museum's admission fees hike was o.k.ed by the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners on Wednesday, September 13th.

This is the second time in almost two years that the admission fees increased.

In 2016 the admission for adult Chicago residents went from $13 to $16 and non-residents from $22 to $24.

The Commissioners Board just approved for 2018 to bump the admission fees to $18 for adult "Chicagoans" and $24 for adult non-residents.

Now a couple dollar fee doesn't seem like much but it's jump twice in less than two years that's between five and six dollars. That's actually quite a bit when you think about it.

The Field Museums C.F.O., LeMonte Booker stated that "We're proud of progress we made, but the Field Museum must invest in its future for a number of pressing needs....We’ll remain reasonably priced in Chicago as compared to other museums."

Oh and by the way, the admission increase also affects the ticket cost of kids between 3 years to 11 years and seniors, both residents and non-residents, as well.

"Children under 3 years old will still get in free. Chicago children 3-11 will pay $15, up from $13 now. Chicago senior citizens, 65 years and older, will pay $11, up from $9 now. Nonresident children ages 3-11 will pay $21, up from $19 now. Nonresident seniors will pay $17, up from $15 now."

The ticket increase will go into effect January 1st, 2018.

All the more reason to enjoy the free days at the Shedd Aquarium and Museum of Science and Industry this month.

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