With all the unrest taking place in our country right now, it makes me smile to see videos of police officers having positive interactions with the communities they serve.

We need reminders that most police officers are "good", and that most truly live to serve and protect.

Over the weekend a video of an Elgin police officer went viral after he decided to show off some sweet dance moves during a peaceful protest he was monitoring on Friday night...

What I love even more than that video itself, is what the dancing officer, whose name is Hector Gutierrez, recently told the Daily Herald about his motivation to bust a move.

Apparently Officer Gutierrez used to dance when he was in high school, so when he was feeling the groove on Friday night, he decided to see if he "still had it".

From the above video I think it's safe to say Officer Gutierrez is still the proud owner of some mad dance skills, but come Saturday morning, his body was in total disagreement.

Gutierrez told the Daily Herald;

My knees were killing me, my back. But you know what? The adrenaline rush, I was feeling the vibe of the people, the community.

One more thing about this story that I think is too good not to mention: Gutierrez also told the Daily Herald that after his little dance-off Friday night he was fully expecting his fellow officers to endlessly razz him, but instead a bunch of them have asked for him to give them dance lessons. 😂


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