Residents and officials in Rockford, Illinois are searching for answers and the person responsible for destroying the Veterans Memorial Circle over Memorial Day weekend.

Rockford Roundabout Problems

Five days a week for nearly 2 years I have driven through the Veterans Memorial Circle Roundabout on Auburn St. in Rockford, and this morning I noticed something very disturbing...someone severely damaged it over Memorial Day Weekend.

For the last few weeks volunteers in the Rockford community have been hard at work cleaning up and planting flowers at Veterans Memorial Circle to make sure it was looking fabulous for Memorial Day, and it did. Here's a view of the circle at the start of Memorial Day weekend...

We all know that way too many people in Rockford have no clue how it works or drive WAY too fast through the Auburn St. Roundabout, so accidents occurring there is nothing new. Honestly, I am sitting here trying to give the driver responsible for this damage the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard not to get infuriated after reading this post from Friends of Veterans Memorial Circle on Facebook this morning...

Could this damage have been done deliberately, or did someone actually get in an accident that they drove away from? The fact that no mentions of the situation have been made by the police and that Friends of Veteran Memorial Circle say specifically that "we do not know how this happened" makes me think that something shady took place here on Saturday night. If you know anything about how this happened, please do the right thing and speak up.

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