Sometimes I am just blown away by the beauty of nature. I was outside yesterday morning with my girlfriend's dog and this is what I saw in the sky.

Uranus Will Be Visible In Rockford Tonight

I thought it was the moon and a star in this picture until I showed it to a friend and they said it looked like a planet. After doing a little research I found out it was Venus. Not only that, October is apparently an amazing month for all things astrological. Tonight Uranus will be visible thanks to our planetary alignment with the sun and the brightness of the new moon. Pretty cool that it will 1.8 billion miles away and we won't need a telescope to see it.

On October 21st, there will be meteor showers from debris from Haley's comet. This means shooting stars galore. I definitely don't want to miss this one. Hopefully the skies will be clear.

On October 23rd you will be able to see Saturn at night to the left of the moon. I mean how cool is this month? Grab you're lover and get outside. That's my plan

Read more about October's sky show here.

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