Very scary! Two bikers riding in Wisconsin collided with a dog and nearly died and then almost got run over by a semi truck. It was all caught on camera. The incident happened in town of Omro on State Highway 21. It was a leisurely ride turned into a frightening escape from death.

Motorcyclist Travis Meyer recorded the video below. In the video, there are a group of bikers traveling together. you will notice  a yellow colored dog enter the screen from the shoulder of the road on the right. Meyer misses the dog but looks back to see that his friend hits the dog head on and the biker falls off the bike.

Then you can see a second biker come into contact with the first biker who not only falls off his bike but nearly skids into an oncoming semi truck traveling in the opposite lane.


A second angle can bee seen below from another biker who also recorded a video with a  helmet mounted camera. This video is even more intense as you can see how close the fallen rider came to being run over by a semi-truck.

The good news is that all the riders were okay as they were properly geared up. Lesson learned, if you ride, always wear proper gear, it could save your life.

The bikers were interviewed and shared their story on Facebook.

We don't know the condition of the dog. We can only assume he didn't fare to well.