Smart move! Last week Illinois Senate President John Cullerton (D) floated a plan to tax Illinois Drivers by the mile, today he announced that he plans to drop the controversial and costly plan.

In a post of his official Facebook page, Cullerton released the following statement:

Thank you to everyone for weighing in on ideas for how to fund road construction in Illinois. I filed legislation to start discussion and debate and get feedback on how the state could replace the gas tax. I've received a lot of constructive feedback that will help shape future policies. I do not intend to move forward with SB3267

Illinois State Senate President Via Facebook

Last week we reported that the plan would require drivers to put a device in their car that monitors their miles or they could choose to pay a 1.5-cent-per-mile tax on a base of 30,000 miles traveled per year.

The plan would cost the average driver at least $450.00 a year. Local Senators Dave Syverson (R) and Steve Stadelman (D) were hounded by citizens who were against the proposal. Stadelman's Chief of Staff Mark Bonne, told me that Senator Stadelman was against the proposal.  Sen. Syverson's Facebook page was deluged with citizen complaints against the proposal.

This proposal not only would have been very costly to Illinois drivers, but to have the state of Illinois track your moves reeks of big brother.

If you want to have some fun, read the comments people posted to Sen Cullerton's Facebook page.