Don't you hate it when you drinking a hot cup of cocoa and the marshmallows bump the tip of your nose? Two Illinois entrepreneurs have the answer this problem.

Introducing the Mars'halo, pronounced Marsh-Hail-oh. It's "a doughnut-shaped marshmallow that fits perfectly inside a mug of hot chocolate."

DNA Info

No more nose bumping. Plus, there's a hole in the middle to put a straw and drink your cocoa straight or you can hold it like a donut and dunk it into your cocoa.

Marshalo's are 100% marshmallow that "melts slowly and evenly in warm liquid."

The creators of this unique marshmallow treat, Lindzi Shanks and Kat Connor from Lakeview in Chicago, told DNAInfo, that the Mars’halo was actually created on accident. Kat simply had leftover marshmallow batter and a doughnut pan.

Originally they were going to call them a "Monut, but changed the name to prevent any confusion."  They "didn’t want people thinking they were actually a marshmallow-doughnut hybrid" as they are all marshmallow.

The Mars'halo are the newest product for their on-line company XO Marshmallow. The company will begin selling them on on-line in November along with their other "pillowy, square-cut treat comes in such flavors as honey bourbon and mango habanero."

The exact date will be released on their Instagram page: XO.Marshmallow.

Hmmm..I'd be willing to try these...It's like a blanket of marshmallow sitting atop my cocoa. Typically I like to wait until my mini-marshmallows all meld together when the melt in the hot chocolate, so this is just like it but no more waiting for it.






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