As a kid I had fun tromping around the neighborhood Trick or Treating. I knew the good treat houses and those to stay away from because they gave bad treats. Many are on this list of the 13 of the most hated treats.

Before I launch into the list. I want to know what were / are your most hated Halloween treats?

Mine were: Good N Plenty, those nasty orange and black peanut butter kisses, Raisinettes, those Goober cluster things, any fake chocolates, anything that was non-candy like pencils, stickers, bookmarks.

According to these are the 13 Most Hated Halloween Treats:

1. Runts - I'm ok with these. They aren't my favorites but I don't hate them

2. Flavored Tootsie Rolls - Now I like these. I love the vanilla and lime flavors.

3. Black Licorice - Yeah not my favorite.

4. Bazooka Bubble Gum - Yeah I hate the powder on the gum and it looses it's flavor after 3 chews.

5. Palmer's Creepy Peeper Chocolates - Just the name Palmer's says it all. Bleck! That  chalky fake chocolate.

6. Butter Mints - I don't mind these at graduation or weddings but not for Halloween.

7. Halloween theme mini-water bottles. Hmmm never received that, but come on people those weight the bags and pumpkin heads down. Don't give that.

8. Candy Corn - I don't mind these. There really good when you throw them in a bowl of popcorn and add peanuts.

9. Circus Peanuts - I like these but they also remind me of my Grandpa. He was always eating these.

10. Peanut Butter Kisses - BINGO! Those are plain nasty!

11. Necco Waffers - Those used to be great to throw into toll booths as quarters. Agree they're gross.

12. Pixy Stix - I love these. They're the tube version of Lik M Aid Fun Dip.

13. Smarties - Yeah these aren't my favorite either. I'd rather have sweet tarts instead.