Lucky Charms is looking to make their cereal even luckier by adding a new marshmallow to bowl, while they retire another one.

General Mills tells WGN that it's been 10 years since the cereal made any changes, the last being in 2008 with the addition of the yellow hourglass.

This new addition is that of the mythical unicorn.


This addition will be a permanent fixture in the cereal. So which marshmallow is getting the boot?

Oddly enough, it's the very same marshmallow that was the new addition in 2008. Yep, the yellow hourglass.

So why are they making this change? General Mills said that they "made the decision on the new replacement after polling social media for suggestions."

Apparently, Unicorns are the in thing and the cereal needed to add more luck to it's charms.

Honestly, I didn't realize there had been more changes to the cereal since the additions of pink balloons, purple horseshoes and rainbows. Hahaha!

Also, there's another change that the cereal has made. They've added their marshmallow charms to frosted flakes to get this....    

If you're wondering where to get a box of those, my boyfriend picked one up at Woodman's a couple of weeks ago.

They're ok. We both thought that the Frosted Flakes didn't taste like how we remembered Frosted Flakes tasting.



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