The bummer summer of 2020, looks to extend itself into the fall and potentially winter.

I mean, we should all be expecting things to not go back to normal for quite a while.

We've been dealing with our "new normal" for a few months so, at this point when things cancel or postpone for the year, we shouldn't even be shocked.

Then again, when I saw that Twisted Crypt shared the news yesterday they won't be open for the 2020 season, it just hit me a little different.

Twisted Crypt is a haunted house that usually opens in late September and runs through Halloween.

Halloween is about three and a half months away and the organizers behind the haunt, have already decided to call it for the year.

Makes sense, Twisted Crypt says they "will be suspending operation until the 2021 season, out of an abundance of caution" and at this point, no one can blame them.

At least they're giving us haunted house fans a glimmer of hope for a return next year.

We should be back to normal by then, right?

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