A new interactive horror experience called 'Terror Roulette' will be opening in South Barrington, Illinois this Fall, and I guarantee you've never been to a haunted house quite like this before.

A New Kind of Haunted Experience

Every year when Fall rolls around I feel there are two kinds of people in Illinois; those that love visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches, and those that hit up every haunted house experience they can find.


Sure, a lot of people enjoy doing ALL the fun fall things Illinois has to offer, but many, like myself, just can't handle adding too much scare to their Fall-lovin life.

On September 29, 2023, a new interactive horror experience will be opening at The Arboretum of South Barrington, and before I tell you what 'Terror Roulette' is all about, I will admit there is no dang way I am brave enough to try this.

'Terror Roulette' Is WAY More Than a Haunted House

Here's how NBC Chicago explains this new Terror Roulette experience;

Designed for fans of the horror genre, Terror Roulette places participants into an interactive horror story where they become “hunted”, according to an official press release. The experience centers around a villain known as “the Dealer” who plays a role in deciding participant’s fate in the experience.

Basically, Terror Roulette is a choose-your-own-story kind of concept with escape rooms and mazes that feature terrifying challenges visitors will need to complete to get out, and no two experiences will ever be the same.

Important Things to Know About Terror Roulette

Due to how scary nature of Terror Roulette, all participants must be 16 or older and need to sign a waiver before they can enter. Each visitor will also be given a safe word to use if the experience becomes too much for them to handle. (NOPE. I'm out).

If you want to know when tickets officially go on sale, make sure to join the Terror Roulette mailing list ASAP.

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