My Instant Pot has made this, 'I hate to cook, kinda cooker,’ into a real cooker. It’s so easy to use and takes no skill what so ever. I even bought it secondhand and it’s the best purchase I have ever made. The pot an literally do anything.

This past weekend, we went to have dinner with my in-laws and they were using their air fryer. I remember thinking that it would be so great if I could turn my Instant Pot into an air fryer because I can’t really afford both (if you get a really good one) and I don’t have the space to store both of them. Considering how much I love my pot, the deliciousness of air frying and how easy both are to use, it should be a thing, right? And, it is.

After I got home, I went to Amazon to see the cost of various air fryers. As I was scrolling down the list of various brands, an attachment for an Instant Pot so it can be used as an air fryer too, popped up.


Maybe you already knew about this amazing cooking invention/hack, but I did not. I’m usually a little late to what’s cooking news. LOL.

The attachment is basically a different lid. It’s beyond simple and doesn’t require early any more space for storage. The attachment, I found, is for a six quart pot and is on super sale. I’m buying it! Looks like my Instant Pot air frying is just a chicken wing away. Stayed tune for the delicious details of my culinary exploits.

Here are some more cool things to go with your Instant Pot.

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