Nothing can make you feel more stupid than a blatantly obvious solution that is literally right in front of your face. This is was the case when I decided to deep clean the kitchen in my apartment.

Before anyone is quick to judge the cleanliness of my living space, I'm a surprisingly clean person. Blame it on OCD. I can't even go to sleep without dishes at least being pre-washed, it's ridiculous.

I know there something funky happening up the burners of my decades-old stove. There is not any sort of scent coming from the inner parts of the appliance but I know there have been instances of overflow. I know it's time to glove up and clean my stove's innards.

Before I swallowed my pride and Googled "how to clean my stove" I did what any responsible 37-year-old man would do, I poured a glass of wine and scrolled through TikTok. Oddly (and in unexpected coincidence) a video popped up someone revealing the most obvious thing ever. After watching this I had to try it.

In an effort to be completely honest with you, I opened and closed the oven top multiple times in awe and amazement. However, I never actually cleaned the underneath. This should not be surprising considering my attention span is similar to ... Hey, did you know people are routinely flushing things in their toilets that can cause some serious problems? Not only can it cause costly problems for homeowners but also water treatment facilities.

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