Instant pots have SO MANY USES. It's kind of insane how much you can do with that instant pot you have in your kitchen.

Sure it's great for shredded chicken, stuffed peppers, or any other meal you want to throw in there in the morning and not think about all day. But did you know that with Easter coming up you should actually use it to dye your eggs?

Dying Easter eggs is such a fun tradition, but to be honest, it can be messy, and sometimes the results aren't worth all the hassle. But not when you take advantage of your instant pot!

Here's how to dye your Easter eggs in your instant pot -

How To Dye Easter Eggs In An Instant Pot

Then once your eggs are all dyed you can add some more fun with crayons, stickers, glitter, or whatever you think you make those eggs look even prettier. But this instant pot hack is one to remember!


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