How to Dye Easter Eggs in Your Instant Pot
Instant pots have SO MANY USES. It's kind of insane how much you can do with that instant pot you have in your kitchen.
Sure it's great for shredded chicken, stuffed peppers, or any other meal you want to throw in there in the morning and not think about all day...
Wierd Illinois 2017 Laws
We recently told you about some new Illinois laws that will take in effect in 2017, now comes some odd ones that will be on the books as of January 1st.
Easy Breakfast Burrito [Video]
In hurry and have no time for breakfast.
You can have a delicious breakfast in under three minute.
Here's how you can make a quick Breakfast Burrito in your microwave.
Easter Egg Ideas
Wow! Easter is Sunday!
If you're planning an Easter egg hunt, check out these great ideas of items to hide in the eggs other than candy.
My Attempt at Making a Perfect Omelette
Hey guys! It's me again with another fun little food video for you.
I'm always envious of those who can make a perfect restaurant style omelette. I seem to makes a gloppy mess. This is me attempting to make a perfect omelette using an omelette pan...