This weekend, both June 6th & 7th, the air is going to be alive with jets flying over head with Rockford Airfest 2015 and there will a lot of traffic.

Whether you're planning on attending or not, here's some important travel information you need to know.

WIFR News released the travel and traffic information you will need to get you and your family to the Chicago Rockford International Airport safety as well as helping other motorists to navigate around one of the city's biggest event of summer.

First of all if you're attending AirFest 2015, please allow yourself plenty of time to arrive and park. don't be like me last year. I thought leaving a half hour early was enough. It wasn't I spent the first 45 minutes of the show, sitting in traffic just trying to get in to park.

Also, don't think you can take back roads to get around it.  I tried that and found either the roads were closed or worse yet there was just as many people trying to do the same thing.

Here is what you should do:

* Rockford residents are encouraged to enter AirFest via South Main St/Rt 2 and are advised to avoid U.S. 20 and Airport Drive.

* If you are coming from the east, you will encounter detours due to construction. Follow posted detours if applicable otherwise precede West on Bypass 20, Exit SOUTH on 11th St/251, turn RIGHT on Airport Drive. Follow signs to Show Parking.

* If you are traveling from the west, take Bypass 20, exit SOUTH on South Main St/Rt 2, turn RIGHT on Kishwaukee Rd. Follow signs to Show Parking.

* ADA parking will be available by following the same directions as above and is located on the pavement adjacent to the show grounds. Valid disabled credentials are required.

If you are not attending AirFest, but will be traveling in the area, please note that the following roads will be closed Thursday, June 4 through Sunday, June 7 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

* Beltline Road will be closed between Kishwaukee Rd. south to South Cessna Drive.

* Kishwaukee Road will be closed northeast of South Bend Road. All non-airfest related traffic traveling westbound on Airport Drive will be diverted north on South Main. All traffic traveling eastbound from Stillman Valley will be detoured southeast on South Bend Road before the Kishwaukee river bridge, to Friday Road south to Edson Road and east to Route 251.

Additionally, please note that Airport Drive will be closed between Falcon Road and Lockheed Drive at all times through July 2, 2015 due to construction.

For more maps and information about Rockford Airfest 2015, visit: