I thought I saw it all, but apparently not. Tractor Square Dancing could be coming to a county fair near you.

Tractor square dancing isn’t an organized sport, yet and it actually takes a lot of skill. There are no statistics on how many groups exist. People come together just to perform at one-time-only events.

Drivers maneuver their tractors to execute precision promenades, circles, and waves, all set to square dance music and directed by a caller

According to Modernfarmer.com

The first tractor dance was part of a 1953 advertising campaign by International Harvester to show off the fast hitching abilities of their Farmall Super-C tractor. The (then) new technology allowed farmers to change implements as easily as switching dance partners. An ad from one of these performances describes the act as a “sensational, never-to-be-forgotten act.


I would love to see this event come to the Boone, Ogle, Stephenson and Winnebago County Fairs