If you have a Toys "R" Us or Babies "R" Us gift card and haven't used it yet it's too late. There's no chance of getting anything of value with their gift cards, even though we told you there was a home store accepting them. (That opportunity has since passed.) Don't fret, though. Here are five ways to make use of a useless gift card.

  • 1

    Pick A Lock

    Locking yourself out of your home can be frustrating unless you have a card to pick the lock. (Click here to learn how.) #youdidnthearitfromus

  • 2

    Use As Ice Scaper

    Yes, perhaps the best way to use an old gift card. Make sure it's no flimsy and is actually plastic. Here's How.

  • 3

    Cleanup Tool

    Keep an old gift card in your kitchen's junk drawer. You can use that to clean up spilled salt, sugar, etc. It can be your mini broom.

  • 4

    Child's Play Toy

    Kids loving feeling like adults. Give your old cards to them for playtime. You'll be the coolest parent ever.

  • 5

    Use As A Gift

    It sounds like a bad idea until you get invited to a party for the person you don't really care for. Save money by tossing that un-useable gift card their way and play dumb if they tell you it didn't work.

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