Today is National Ice Cream Sundae Day.

What better way to celebrate this day of tastiness than to talk about all those delicious toppings or in this case, the top ten strangest toppings that actually taste good.

Have you ever thought about grinding fresh pepper over your ice cream or adding balsamic vinegar?

According to, those are just two of the ten strange toppings that actually taste good on your ice cream.

Freshly ground black - the pepper to bring out a spicy side of your ice cream.

Coffee grounds for the coffee lovers. I've done this before with decaf coffee, and I love it.

Spent/ used green tea - Sprinkle on your loose green tea after making a cup of tea.

Olive Oil - drizzle it over your ice cream.

Potato Chips - You'll get that sweet and salty mix. I'd try this. I mean I already like to dip my fries in a chocolate milkshake.

Habanero Pepper - Again it's a surprising hot heat that brings out the sweetness of your ice cream.

Balsamic Vinegar - It creates a sweet and sour taste to awaken your taste buds.

Beer - Yep, beer. The article suggests either a heavy stout like Guinness or a lighter lager like Blue Moon. Hmm. I'd definitely try this.

Scotch - Adding a little scotch over your ice cream livens up the taste and adds a bite to it as well. I've never had scotch before, but I'd be wiling to try this.

Salt - Salt brings out the flavor and again adds a sweet and salty taste that we all crave.

What toppings would you try?