Worried about your waistline? Here's help for you. Here are the Top 10 least fattening beers to drink. You'll be surprised at the results.


Light beers have grown in popularity over the last few years as brewers have catered for various dietary fads including lower carbs, fewer calories and less alcohol. Thanks to The Drink Business website, here is a tested list of the Top 10 least fattening beers. To simplify the search, and to keep the list alcoholic and not becoming just non-alcoholic beers, they set a 3% abv minimum for the strength of these brews.

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Here's the list:

10) Heineken Light      99 Calories and 3.5% abv

9) Corona Light            99 Calories and 3.9% abv

8) Yuengling Light        99 Calories and 3.8% abv

7) Grolsch Light Lager 97 Calories and 3.6 abv

6) Miller Lite                  96 Calories and 4.2% abv

5) Kirin Light  (Japanese) 95 Calories and 3.2 abv

4) Michelob Ultra          95 Calories and 4.2 abv

3) Peroni Leggera         92 Calories and 3.5 abv

2) Rolling Rock Green Light    83 Calories and 3.7% abv

1) Molson Canadian      67 Calories and 3% abv

If you're watching your diet and have not tried any of these brews, now you have evidence to make your happy purchase.

Johannes Simon, Getty Images

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