The Q98.5 Wake Up Crew party cruise is setting sail for the Caribbean in just a few weeks, and instead of counting down the days out of excitement, I am totally freaking out! My husband and I decided to bring Ella with us this year, and I am starting to think we may have lost our minds. Yes, I am excited to take my daughter on her first Caribbean adventure, but I am totally stressing out! I am having nightmares about her freaking out on the 5 hour plane ride to San Juan, and throwing all her toys overboard on the ship!

In an attempt to ease my nightmares and prepare for this trip, I am scouring the internet daily for tips on travel with babies. You name it, I want to know it. Best toys for the plane ride, what to pack, how to make your baby sleep on a plane, etc.

I have found some helpful articles like this one from the Delicious Baby website, but I want to hear more!

If you have ever traveled with babies, please help me! Let me know what tips you swear by, what things didn't work, or tips on how Mommy and Daddy can keep calm in the process (without drinking heavily). Just leave your tips in the comment section below.

Thank you in advance for your help. I will maintain my sanity thanks to all of you!