If you grew up in and around Rockford then seeing this familiar mascot atop Octopus Car Wash on State Street was an everyday thing.

But now, it's time to say goodbye.

According to RockfordReminisce.com facebook page the iconic smiley faced tentacled mascot "Ozzie" will be coming down "to make way for new signage of Mister Car Wash which purchased the Octopus chain last June."

"The Kishwaukee Street location was closed but the other Mister Car Wash (formerly Octopus) at 3708 East State remains in operation."

On a side note this "three-dimensional, multi-armed mascot was originally conceived by a close friend of John Jurkens, the founder of Octopus and a patriarch of the car wash industry."

I don't know about you but that makes me kind of sad. I loved looking for that Octopus as a kid driving down State Street. I can't count how many times I went their with my Grandparents. That was THE place that Grandpa insisted he got his car washed at.

Looking for the Octopus ranks right up there for me along with the neon "House of Bottles" sign on N. Second Street or looking forward to seeing the White Bear on the outside wall of "Bear" Dry Cleaners on 11th Street, which has been long gone and covered over now.

I wish the new company, Mister Car Wash, would keep Ozzie in place as a bit of Rockford Nostalgia.

I really hope some group or organization will be able to keep the Octopus. I think it would be a cool addition to the Rockford's Visitors Bureau or maybe a special place in Midway village.

What classic iconic signs do you miss seeing here in Rockford?