The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is alerting residents in Wisconsin and Minnesota of ticks carrying a rare but deadly disease called Human Powassan Virus. In short, a brain swelling virus that could kill you. No, it's not fear-mongering, it's fact.

According to CDC, some infected may not show any symptoms but possible side effects include confusion, fever, headache, loss of coordination,  seizures, speech difficulties, vomiting, and weakness. Even more,

Approximately half of survivors have permanent neurological symptoms, such as recurrent headaches, muscle wasting and memory problems.

Approximately 10% of POW virus encephalitis cases are fatal.

There is no cure for v Human Powassan Virus but the odds of contracting it are about 1 in 100,000. Most cases have occurred in Minnesota with the ticks spreading to Wisconsin. Now, I'm no mapmaker but, I do know my directions and Illinois could be in line. There's no guarantee but Illinois health officials have warned in an uptick in... ticks.

Here's an easy tool for removing ticks.

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