You're going think twice before taking a bit of Johnsonville sausage, or any sausage for that matter, after reading this.

A Wisconsin man has been federally charged for messing with meat at the Johnsonville sausage plant in Sheboygan. According to WISN (Milwaukee), the man was caught on camera stuffing cigarette paper into sausage on one day and a wire connector in another a few days later. By the way, this happened all in the same week. Thankfully, none of that meat reached the public. Jonathon Tilman Lane wasn't actually an employee of Johnson, but just a temp.

Officials at Johnsonville released this statement to WISN.

Our members at Johnsonville take great pride in producing wholesome, great-tasting and safe products for consumers to enjoy. These members, whether they are employed directly by Johnsonville or through one of our staffing partners - as was the case in this situation - are held accountable to meet our quality standards and follow our company code of conduct. Failure to do so can result in corrective action or termination of employment. We applaud our food-safety teams for the processes they have in place to identify situations like this, so that no affected product leaves our plant - which we can confirm was the case here.

Thanks to the random guy in Kiel, Wisconsin many of us will forever be questioning the meat we're about put in our mouths.

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