Where you call home could be a huge factor in how long you live. The average life expectancy in the United States is 76.3 for men and 81.3 for women, according World Life Expectancy, but those numbers change a bit depending on what part of the United States you are from.

Live in Alabama and you're a dude? That life expectancy goes down to 72.59, on the flip side, a woman in Vermont is expected to make it until 82.63 on average.

So what about those of us in Illinois? How long can we expect to live.

According to World Life Expectancy, a man in Illinois has the life expectancy of 76.4, slightly above average, where as women in Illinois have a life expectancy of 81.37.

Then it's broken down even further to differentiate by county.

Winnebago county men rank in 59th place in the state of Illinois, with a life expectancy of 75 years, while women from Winnebago come in at 38th place with an average of 80.6 years.