So, tell me, if you could make $50,000, simply by moving out of Illinois, would you? These guys claimed they did.

So how did they do it? They moved to Idaho! That's how.  Brothers Paul and Craig Mason moved from Illinois to Idaho, and claim they will come out $50,000 ahead by doing so.

Yes, we all know Illinois residents are taxed to the max. Last week, the Illinois legislature approved a 32% tax increase, that raised the individual income tax rate of Illinois workers from 3.75% to 4.95% as of July 1st, but that's not the only reason cited by Mason brothers as to why they will come out ahead by moving to Idaho.

The Mason Brothers also point out facts about the average taxpayer burden, pensions, and more, all while downing some brewskis. Check out their logic and see if their rationale makes any sense.



My observations:

  • The Spokane River that flows behind the Mason Brothers is a video and they are probably sitting in their parents basement in front of a green screen.
  • They both save money by not buying shaving supplies
  • Blue tropical shirts are the "thing" in Idaho. BOGO at Walmart?
  • They have not made or saved $50,000 yet
  • Did they find jobs in Idaho?
  • Can these guys send me $100 for wasting five minutes of my life watching this nonsense?

Though Idaho looks like a lovely state, I will need a lot more "convincin" to move out, especially to Idaho. How 'bout you?

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